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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Time to dust of the bikes - pehaps??

For our 25th wedding anniversary we decided to 'get fit' and bought two brand new bikes at a bike shop called "Action" Cycle.

With the bikes came two free helmets.  They are bright red and sit high on the head - not at all modern & streamlined.  They look as if we're balancing watermelons on our heads  - FREE  but very ugly.

For our first bike adventure, we decided to take the bikes to a local park in Hamilton.  Greg tried for over an hour in the hot sun to get the bikes secured to the new bike rack.  Finally, after huffing/puffing/swearing, we were ready to head out.  As we backed the car down the driveway, we heard a loud crash.  The bikes, along with the bike rack, fell off in a heap at the foot of the driveway. So, with more sweating & a tad more swearing, he tried again.

Finally, Greg, who was now in a sweat-soaked t-shirt and looked like he'd already been riding several miles in the hot sun, got the bikes safely on the car and we made it the 20 minute car ride to Hamilton.  We'd planned on riding along the lake and spending about an hour or two enjoying the scenery.  Guess how far we got?  Well, we cycled in first gear for a whole 10-15 minutes!  We just couldn't ride past Hutches, a greasy spoon restaurant famous for their large platters of fish and chips.  So, after pigging out on two orders of fish & chips, we decided, as the day was even hotter, we should call it a day & head home so we could lie around the swimming pool. 

The most energy we expended on our first and, I'm ashamed to say, the last day of our bike riding was loading and unloading the bike rack! 

Needless to say our Action Cycles' bikes haven't seen much action over the years.  As I mentioned earlier, we bought the bikes for our 25th anniversary and this year will be our, "41st" anniversary - so these 'get fit' bikes are now a whopping 16 years old!   They've been hanging in the crawlspace for all these years and believe it or not, we still consider them NEW - 'cos they're certainly not used!

Every spring when it's garage sale time,  I've tried to convince Greg to sell our bikes - we'd even throw in the red helmets for free.  Nope, he plans to use the bikes.....it's just a matter of when.  The tires are flat as a pancake and obviously they both need a major tune-up.  But then, so do the OWNERS!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blogging with shades

I have to admit, I had no idea what the term blogging was all about until I got an unplanned lesson from my daughter on Sunday!  As she's a teacher by profession, I tried to be a good 'senior' student and behave.

On Sunday, I went for a visit to see my two grandchildren and as it was a sunny day I didn't bother to bring my regular reading glasses.  I wore my new 'Costco' bi-focal sunglasses.  No, they are not dorky, o.k., as I 'think' I'm a happening kind of grandma & the frames are pretty cool. 

Blogging is what or should I say where?
For some reason my daughter was pretty adamant about her mother trying to blog (probably 'cos of all the ANNE-TICS I seem to get up to and she wanted me to record a few "Anne-a-logues).  So, we sat down at the dining room table and spent over an hour trying to figure out a name for this blog.  Anyway, as my daughter typed away on her laptop, I hovered beside her trying desperately to see what the heck she was doing.  Finally, her husband walked in, looked at his mother-in-law wearing dark sunglasses inside the house in front of the computer. He rolled his big blue eyes and said, "Anne, either the lights are too bright in the house or where did you park your seeing eye dog!" 

Anyway, I have to say, even though my teacher and I will probably be the only readers on this site, it is kind of fun - especially with the correct eye wear in place!